House of France LogoThe House of France is located in the International Cottages Center in San Diego’s Balboa Park. It is a non-profit organization with two main missions.

  • The first mission is to foster a spirit of understanding and cooperation among the nations of goodwill, and to enhance the appreciation for liberty and justice.
  • The second mission is to give a flavor of France and to provide you with an opportunity to interact with French people or Francophiles in sunny San Diego.

The House of France is part of a consortium of ‘houses’ representing 32 countries and called the San Diego House of Pacific relations. The San Diego House of Pacific Relations was created in 1935. The House of France is one of the original 22 international cottages built in 1936 (see historic section). The cottage is decorated with French artifacts and is open to all visitors free of charge usually the first and second Sundays of each month for four hours between noon and 5PM.